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In 1861 the 25-years old Heinrich Schneider decided to found a brewery on the “Grün’schen Hof” in Hachenburg, although there were already 150 competitors in this region. A bold move to get into the act as a novice – but Heinrich Schneider had no fear. He had a vision: the creation of unique quality beer.

1861: Heinrich Schneider founds the lager brewery Founder Heinrich Schneider and his wife Auguste Schneider, née Hermann 1831: Discovery of a natural spring in the nearby Rothbach valley 1902: The brewery is one of the first to use the new pilsner brewing technique 1909: Renaming of the brewery as Westerwald-Brauerei H. Schneider Westerwald-pilsner becomes a bestseller Proud employees of the Westerwald brewery with one of its own trucks Beginning of the 60s: economic boom in Germany 2010: Jens Geimer follows Heiner Schneider in the 5th generation

Although today the liquid gold ages in ultra-modern tanks, back then it was stocked in rock-caverns at the “Distelberg” (a nearby mountain). Consistently cooled, the precious beer has achieved its special aroma over and over again for 150 years. What was true then is still true today: the long and cold ageing process is a fundamental requirement for a real Hachenburger as well as the use of high-grade raw materials. The discovery of a natural spring in the nearby Rothbach valley became a further key to the Hachenburger success story. Even today, the pure, soft water is the perfect basis for brewing a pilsner beer. In 1902, Heinrich Schneider could thus proudly announce to his customers that he would from now on be delivering to them a superb pilsner.



The general economical boom shaped the Westerwald-brewery many years. Whereas regional competitors had to close down or were taken over by larger breweries, the sales of the unique Hachenburger pilsner increased continuously. The Hachenburger brewery soon became the most important family brewery within the region. When the company’s name is mentioned today, it is as an equivalent for exquisite Hachenburger specialties and beer-mix-beverages. With business leader and co-owner Jens Geimer the family-owned company has reached the fifth generation and is still entirely independent.