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One of the oldest pilsner breweries in Gemany established in 1861, we don’t just brew beer, we brew Hachenburger. Our quality philosophy can be tasted – sip by sip. A nationally standardized taste has never been our idea of beer.

Beer Sommelier Tasting The Brewhouse Co-owner and General Manager Jens Geimer We brew with 100% aroma-hops only Our Mission:

For 150 years we have been brewing our unique quality beer, which truly deserves to be called a “speciality.” The use of 100% aroma-hops and extraordinarily soft brewing liquor, as well as an ageing process of six weeks are very important for the unique taste of Hachenburger. The fifth generation continues to work based on the knowledge, that these small but nice differences are necessary to brew beer specialities. Exactly like this we will pursue our mission for the next 150 years: “Preserving what is good and keeping an open mind for innovation.”

Wir hopfen nur das Beste

“Preserving what is good…” – for us, this means sticking to traditional brewing-techniques and our consistent quality maxims, even in the face of latest technologies. “Keeping an open mind for innovation” at the same time means that we bring courage for changes and a spirit for innovation to pursue new and unconventional ways to our work. For a future that enables us to do what we know best: brewing our finest premium beers for you.