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Selection No. 01

Hachenburger Selection No. 01: India Pale Ale
Intensely hoped ale-speciality made by Hachenburger.

Pleasant, fresh and fruity peach flavour with a bright red-golden colour reminiscent of amber. The strong aroma-hops flavour dominates the pleasingly soft and harmonious malt-body, stressing the bitter hops in this vivacious beer. Wonderfully suave, mildly fruity after taste with a delicious fading of bitter-hops-flavour. A unique full-bodied smooth ale.

Drinking Culture

Hachenburger Selection No. 01 ist best enjoyed at 8° – 10° (46-50°) in the original Hachenburger Selection glass.


India Pale Ale (IPA), also known as Imperial Pale Ale, is a light ale. In the 19th century, this beer was brewed in Britain and Scotland for the Indian crown colonies, as it was very popular among the colonial troops. To keep it from spoiling during the long passage, efforts were focused on the storage life. The high alcohol and hop content was necessary for the beer to keep fresh during the journey around the Horn of Africa. The Suez Canal did not exist at that time and ordinary beer would have gone bad during the transport due to the lack of refrigeration. IPA was brewed with approx. 16% original gravity and quite a large share of hops. Once arrived in India, it was supposed to be diluted with an equal amount of water. Nowadays India Pale Ales are brewed mainly in Britain, Scotland and the US anre served un-diluted.

The bitters should come forward and should already be noticeable during the aroma testing. In order to boost the aroma-hops, this beer is often packed with hops. This means, that additional hops is added while the beer ages.

In doing so the otherwise fleeting hops-oils are expanded. English India Pale Ales generally have a lower carbon dioxide level than American IPAs. Ales are filled in both, bottles and barrels.