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Selection No. 02

A strong dark beer speciality aged on top of oak-wood

Freshy malt-flavoured bloom, chestnut-coloured with an appeal of ruby. The interaction of the pleasantly-strong, taste of choisest malts and handpicked, precious aroma-hops is aided by the restrained and elegant wood-aroma. Mild after taste. With it’s multi layered aromas and extravagant taste of malt, this smooth premium beer is full of character and an absolute highlight to a fading day. A perfect choice for finishing a delightful meal or as a digestive.

Drinking Culture

Hachenburger Selection No. 02 is best enjoyed at 8° – 10°C (46-50°F) in the original Hachenburger Selection glass. In order for Selection No. 02 to develop it’s strong, full-/well rounded aromatic taste, allow  to set for a few minutes after pouring.



Porter is a dark, often deep black beer with a taste of malty or even roasted-malt. Traditionally Porter was hopped strongly, creating its tart flavour. Today the expression refers to for different kinds of beer. In the English speaking world, it is often applied to a top-fermented beer with an alcohol level of 5%. In other countries such as Germany, “porter” is used for a partly bottom-fermented, dark double beer with 7 – 9 % alcohol. Especially popular is the version brewed in the Baltic Sea area and is therefore called “Baltic porter” in the English speaking world. In Germany, a sweet porter variation existed even before World War I; it is still produced today.