Selection No. 06

Hachenburger Selection No. 06: Chocolate Porter

Fine caramel- and roasted malt provides a toffee- and chocolate-like nuance

A dark beer creation with a fine chocolate nuance which results out of the harmonic, fine malt combination. The aroma is nuttily with a flavour of toffee and caramel; the first sip with a creamy malt-stressed sweetness which then unfolds with a fine aroma-hop nuance into a full-bodied taste-experience.

Drinking Culture:

Hachenburger Selection No. 06 is best enjoyed at 5° – 7° (41-44,6°F) in the original Hachenburger Selection glass. We recommend this extraordinary beer as a digestif, accompanied by a sweet dessert. Selection No 06 is also excellent with flavoursome cheese or stewed roast.

Porter: Origin and History of this Type of Beer

Beer fanciers would nowadays say: „Porter is a Cuvée – brewed out of lager, ale and stout!” This style of beer goes back to Great Britain in the 18th century, as in the bars a mixed drink was made by equally 1/3 ale, beer and twopenny (the strongest beer, which was named after its price, i. e. two pence per ¼ pint). To meet the customer’s wish the master brewer Harwood blended those three sorts into one in 1722 and named it “entire” respectively “entire-butt”. The dark colour and it’s aromatic malty taste became very popular by the lumpers and carriers/ porters so that the “entire” was called “Porter”. Now our master brewer has given its choice to types of malt which are a combination of caramel and so called “chocolate malts”, which provides the Hachenburger Selection No 06 it’s toffee- and chocolate-like nuance.