Selection No. 03

Old English beer style – interpreted in a radically new way and improved with finest aroma-hop.

The strong, deep red-golden-amber-colour suggests the complex flavours of this extraordinary beer-speciality. Layers of honey- and caramel, a breeze of toffee and subtle tart roasting-notes dominate the savoury first sip.

The strong, yet mild, full-bodied malt-body emphasized by choice dark malts – and it is only in combination with the fine aroma-hops that the complete taste-experience unfolds on one‘s tongue.  The finishing is intens and bitter-sweet, with an elegantly restrained hop -bitterness.

Enjoy this extraordinary beer creation for moments of uniquely, brilliant enjoyment.

Drinking Culture:

Hachenburger Selection No. 03 is best enjoyed at 8° – 10° (46-50°F) in the original Hachenburger Selection glass. For the beer to developits powerfully aromatic taste, allow Selection  No. 03 to set for a few minutes after pouring.


Stout-beer has its origin in England and Ireland, where this type of beer was developed from Porter-beer. The combination of roasted malt and  caramel-malt grants the Stout its own very particular aroma. Stout-beer is usually very dark in colour and characterized by notes of coffee aroma, but Hachenburger Red Stout is different. Our master-brewers have interpreted this beer in a completely new way and have given our Red Stout a very restrained, full-bodied character, dominated by notes of caramel- and honey.