Selection No. 04

The new variety: available now
Hachenburger Selection No. 04: Ice-Bock
Bock speciality with finest aroma hops brewed and multi-ice-cultivated.

A fine, intensive touch of honey and a light flowery lewon flavour define the gentle first sip of the multi-ice-cultivated, amber-coloured beer essence. The voluminous, almost liquor-like body unfolds with classy bitterly-hops to an extraordinary intense and remarkable taste adventure. Similar to a Cognac, this speciality is a perfect digestif as a closure to a delightful table.

Drinking Culture:
Hachenburger Selection No. 04 is best at 8°–10°C (46-50°F) in the original Hachenburger Selection glass. In order to develop it’s strong, full-/well rounded aromatic taste, allow to set for a few minutes after pouring.

  • Original wort: 24%
  • Alc. 12%
  • Best before: 12/2018


Ice Bock

Ice bock belongs to the type of bock beer. Only a few breweries are still producing it nowadays. With the invention of the beer, a master brewer in the upper Franconia made use of a coincidence of accident and the laziness of a journeyman. On a cold winter day around 1890 the journeyman left some barrels outside. The day after the beer was frozen, the barrels burst. Angered about the loss, the master commended the journeyman to break the barrels and drink the leftover of the liquid. Estonished, both of them realized that due to the reduced contend of water in the beer, the spize and alcohol strength increased significantly. The beer became extra flavourful. The brewing method today is still based on the principle of extracting water from strong beer.