Selection No. 05

Hachenburger Selection No. 05: Wheat-Bock-Beer

Fruity-elegant wheat-bock-beer-composition with a fine aroma-hope-flavour. The interaction of light, typical top-fermented banana aroma with lemon- and apricot flavour, added by clove and grapefruit make the wheat-bock-beer Special. The dark hope-flavour and wheat aroma leave a fruity-elegant final note.

Drinking Culture:
Hachenburger Selection No. 05 is best at 8°–10°C (46-50°F) in the original Hachenburger Selection glass. In order to develop it’s strong, full-/well rounded aromatic taste, allow to set for a few minutes after pouring.

Origin and history of this type of beer

The wording „bock“ is not related with the buck [zool.]

In fact, the former Hanseatic city „Einbeck“ (close to Hannover) is the cradle of the bock-beer. Long ago in the 13th century a strong, top-fermented beer was brewed there. Due to the high alcohol content and original gravity it was very popular. Also it was quite nonperishable and was even exported to Italy.


Due to its excellent quality even the dukes in Bavaria liked the beer of Einbeck, but the import became too costly after a while. Therefore they decided to build an own brewery in Munich. In 1614 they headhunted the master-brewer Elias Pichler of Einbeck to recruit him in Munich‘s „Hofbräuhaus“. From then onwards the „Ainpöckisch Bier“ (a bock-beer) was brewed the „einpöckscher way” of which later the wording “bock-beer”, respectively in the 20th century the general term “double beer” emerged.