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Ageing Guarantee

A six weeks long and cold ageing phase

We allow all our Hachenburger beers six weeks time for disaggregation.  The beers rest in our disaggregation house at 2°C (35°F) until they have developed their full taste and known salubriousness. Same as with a good wine or whiskey. In these days, this is more than axtraordinary.

Impressive glance of our storage tanks Permanent sensorial checking by our master-brewers Our beer ages for six weeks in our storage tanks

What many people don’t know:

In industrial-breweries, most beer is brewed within a few days and then bottled, in order to produce more cost-efficiently. However, our Hachenburger master brewers are convinced that it is especially the long ageing process which makes our beers so salubrious. That is why we will hold on to this quality rule in future.