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Aroma-hops Guarantee

All Hachenburger beer is brewed with 100% aroma-hops

These precious hops from the two big German growing areas “Tettnang” and “Hallertau” belog to the choicest and most expensive kind of hops, as aroma-hops contains a much greater range of hops-aromas than the bitter-hops, which are commonly used for brewing. This makes aroma-hops extraordinarily valuable.

What does this imply for taste?

100% aroma-hops make our beer even

– more tangy

– more aromatic

and fuller of character.

Why do we use aroma-hops for Hachenburger?

We have commited ourselves to a precise quality philosophy: We do not brew bulk beer with a nationally standardised taste, but unique beer, that  is truly deserves the word “speciality”.

By the way: When we say 100%, we mean 100%

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Why is aroma-hops not generally used for brewing?

The reason is simple: aroma-hops cost a great deal more than the regular bitter-hops and additionally have less output of bittern, which is an important part in the brewing-process. Hence, one needs considerably more hops. It is for this reason that aroma-hops is the most precious hops that can be used for brewing.

Who has developed the aroma-hops?   

Working together with our internal quality management as well as external experts (as for example the „pope of beer“ Dr. Stempfl of the Doemens-Institute in Gräfelfing close to Munich)  we have made our Hachenburger pilsner an even more characterful one.