Slow Brewing

Westerwald brewery characterised with the strongest official seal for beer all around the world:
>> Slow Brewing>>

As for now the Westerwald brewery belongs to one of in total just 25 Slow Brewers in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and Italy, which are characterised with this seal of quality. Slow brewers share the passion for quality. They believe that those who love beer want more – they do not favour a standard flavour but excellent beer of excellent breweries, breweries which face their challenge fully consciously. One can recognise those breweries on the official seal of slow brewing – the most though-minded seal on the international beer market.

It values not only the gentle production process, the raw materials used, the quality and taste of beer but also the brewery itself. Therefore the beer will be tested monthly by the specialists of the research centre of brewing- and food-quality of Weihenstephan and the brewery has to stand annually a strict certification procedure. For many other quality seals the procedure is just tested one-time.



  • Strict examination of the production process
  • Strict examination of quality and taste
  • Strict examination of raw materials used
  • Strict examination of the business management and – corporate culture

The brewing which allows sufficiently time is the philosophy of Slow Brewing

In contrary to an accelerated industrial production we admit to slow fermentation and maturation. And that for a good reason: besides using 100% aroma hops the parameter “time” caters the excellent taste and salubriousness of Hachenburger Slow Beer. And we for sure will hold on to this quality philosophy in future.