Hachenburger Hops Garden

In 2011 the areal along the brewery entrance was transformed into a new, natural Hachenburger hops garden . This garden, with its aroma-hops of “Hallertauer tradition” growing on trellises 13 feet high, invites our visitors to get into the right mood for a beery sightseeing at our adventure brewery.

Hops is the most precious flavouring of beer. They give each beer it’s distinctive character. We want our guests to experience this special crop and show them how the selection of the hops type impacts the quality and flavour of beer.


Hachenburger aroma-hops is not just a nice “beery” backdrop for our brewery, but are harvested by hand during our traditional hops-harvesting festival in September. The handpicked, true Westerwaelder aroma-hops are then used for our exquisite styles of our gourmet -beer, Hachenburger Selection. Pet project for our master brewers and exquisite beers for true beer lovers.