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The Transparent Brewery

The place to visit in the Westerwald. The Hachenburger-adventure brewery offers many new highlights. Part of the programm are beer-tastings, tapping-courses with experts and a cinema in the new disaggregation house.

In the exlcusive ambience of the brewery’s storage – and disaggregation house, in our new state-of-the-art brewery cinema, we will introduce our guests to the world of Hachenburger beer specialites with a short movie. But this virtual tour is only the starting point before we whisk you away on a tour of different stages of the brewing process. Our aim is to introduce beer lovers and adepts to the world behind the product “beer”, because beer is not just beer, as beer lovers well know.


NEW: Beer Sommelier Tour


Our Hachenburger beer sommeliers accompany you during your entire stay at the brewery and expertly introduce you to the rich taste experience of our extraordinary beer. During a four-course meal, designed and horminized for the pupose, you can feel, see, smell and taste with all your senses, how the quality of the water, the raw materials, aromas, different types as well as the fermentation and ageing process affect different beer types.